Torches and Lightings for your industry

Ansell International specialises in Heavy Duty Professional Torches and Lanterns serving clients domestically and internationally. We have a wealth of experience at your disposal. Take advantage of our knowledge and skills to help you make the right selection of Torches and Lanterns to suit your professional objectives.

Professional Torches

Our Flashlights are designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions – a requirement  of professionals in their daily use. The multi-mode electronic switching, allows the user to select the mode and function that best fits any activity. These bright flashlights feature the latest LED technology for brighter and longer lifespan

Designed for police and military. These military grade LED flashlights feature additions including plain and crowned bezels, patterened grip and rechargeable systems.

Multi-function Lanterns

Our multi-function lanterns dims to a cozy glow. They offer a rare medium setting that’s perfect for camping.

The LED camping lanterns emits a brightness that is easy on the eyes and the brightness is adjustable.

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